Barrel-Aging Program

Bank & Bourbon’s mixologists do not simply make a drink; they craft a drink, using the finest house-aged spirits from our in-house barrel-aging program. Aged in charred American oak wood barrels, Bank & Bourbon offers guests — from the bourbon enthusiast to the novice — the opportunity to experience bourbon throughout the aging process. Guests have the option of barrel-aging their own bourbon through our exclusive private barrel-aging locker membership program.

Bank & Bourbon offers a diverse collection of inherently American bourbon and whiskey, showcasing its uniqueness based on how it is aged, where it is made, what it is made from, as well as how it is barreled. The charred oak wood barrels mellow the bourbon and smooth out the taste. In addition to aging the bourbon in the barrels, the taste can be changed by introducing other flavors to the product by soaking or curing the barrel with a different spirit, such as aged rum, port, or chardonnay. As the barrels are refilled for aging new product, the flavors from previous batches will enhance and change the taste and flavor of the bourbon.

The barrel-aging program is executed under the auspicious guidance of our on-site Bourbon Master who can guide guests through the process or help to educate them on the notes that they taste and smell. Our Bourbon Master can create a flight of bourbon upon request to showcase the differences in the various spirits, and also assist guests with pairing the right spirit with the right food for the optimal beverage and food experience. The caramel, vanilla, and oak flavors that often embody bourbon pair well with many foods and Chef Joe Thomas has carefully considered this as he created the menu to include such items as charcuterie, shellfish, and delectable desserts.

Philadelphia and the North American region are known as the cradle of cocktails, as this is the area in which cocktails emerged as single servings of popular colonial punch beverages. Bank & Bourbon features Benjamin Franklin’s favorite Milk Punch cocktail, derived from Franklin’s own recipe sent to a friend in Boston in the 1700s. This colonial favorite has a contemporary twist and is made on-site and bottled in single-serving brown glass apothecary bottles. It includes milk, green tea, whiskey, and lemon juice and is a light and refreshing beverage.

Now Aging

For centuries, distillers have known charred oak barrels are essential for aging the best spirits. At Bank & Bourbon, we achieve similar results by aging classic cocktails in-house, adding color, complexity, smoothness, and subtle overtones.
If you are interested in opening your own account with us, we'll lay down a barrel for you.
For more information, please contact our Bourbon Master at (215) 231-7244.

MANHATTAN woodford reserve, sweet vermouth, bitters $16.00
BIJOU bluecoat gin, campari, chartreuse $14.00
VIEUX CARRE wild turkey 101 rye, hennessey, cinzano, benedictine $14.00
MY OLD PAL rittenhouse rye, dry vermouth, campari $14.00
NEGRONI bluecoat gin, sweet vermouth, campari $14.00