Chef Craig Meyers

Chef Craig Meyers approaches his menu of contemporary, yet inherently American dishes with energy and creativity while honoring the simplicity of the ingredients. His connection to creating updated classics comes from his own passion and love of developing flavors that blend the familiar with the unexpected.

He found his love for cooking as a teen, starting in the restaurant industry at age 13, and has been cooking ever since. Craig is a native of North East Philadelphia, with two siblings, and draws his culinary inspiration from his blue-collar roots. His culinary resume includes stints at local restaurants such as Hop Angel Brauhaus, Rex 1516, and Silk City, to name a few. Craig joins the Bank & Bourbon team as Chef de Cuisine and brings with him hard work and a talent for culinary creativity. Throughout his career, Craig has acquired more knowledge, more skill, and more inspiration from those around him, as well as the culinary innovation taking place in Philadelphia and other cities.

“Working in a unique, competitive environment in this city presents its own set of challenges, but I’m proud of the team we have put together at Bank & Bourbon and what lies ahead in the future”.

Craig brings with him his 25+ years of culinary experience. In his spare time, Chef Craig enjoys cheering for the local sports teams, summer trips to Wildwood, and playing guitar.

Pastry Chef Brenda Phe 

Brenda Phe was born in California and raised in Philadelphia. Although she was born on the West Coast and raised on the East Coast she was raised to value hard work and passion for all her endeavors, chief of which is cooking and especially baking. Brenda developed a love for baking at an early age and always wanted to be in the kitchen helping cook food with her extended family.

By the time Brenda was a teenager, she began to focus more on baking and could be found making scratch cakes and cookies for family events. Suffice it to say, spending time in a crowded, noisy kitchen and creating beautiful and flavorful dessert items are Brenda’s favorite pastime. Hours upon hours were spent studying cookbooks and putting her own personal twist on recipes.

Brenda studied Culinary Arts at The Art Institute of Philadelphia and joined the Loews team as a Pastry Apprentice shortly after graduating in 2011. Brenda’s passion and joie de vivre for all things culinary carry over to other parts of her life. When she is not hard at work in the pastry kitchen, Brenda spends time mentoring her 10 nieces and nephews along with painting and enjoying her mom’s famous home-style cooking.